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Osazee Farms : Flour

This tuber crop from Osazee farm is gluten-free and rich in dietary fiber. It is also adequately processed to remove all traces of cyanide. It is nutritious and has a powdery texture. Cassava is rich in carbohydrates and makes a good source of energy for the whole family.


Osazee farm is the go-to name when it comes to growing varieties of healthy crops and getting the best of farm products in Edo State. We are the best at what we do. We combine advanced crop/animal science and technology with in-depth knowledge and the most efficient techniques to nurture and produce improved local varieties.

Our seedlings are carefully selected and are the most resilient varieties. The crops thrive because stringent measures are taken in treating the soil and providing the healthiest of nutrients to support plant growth. We have experts on-site to assess and give recommendations on developing the best varieties of crops regularly.

Agricultural & Produce

Our farm is located in Benin, Edo State on a six-hectare plot. It is highly secure and has the most fertile soil in Edo State. On the farm are experts in all facets of agriculture to ensure all our processes follow the most pristine regulations for better yield and healthier harvest.

We have Crop, soil, and pest experts; animal production and health experts; agricultural economics and extension experts; logistics experts, and other personnel. Our team works in synchrony to make farming and delivery as seamless and convenient as possible.

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Osazee farms is a leading family-owned large scale farm and agricultural produce enterprise located in the heart of Benin City, Edo State. We utilize top-of-the-line pieces of machinery and industrial-standard best practices to ensure that all our products are of excellent quality.

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